How to make a cocoon hammock

The construction of a hanging chair is simpler than the usual stationary one. Of course, it is not possible to make an acrylic bubble chair at home, but other options for the product – basket, hammock, wicker cocoon chair, quite feasible.Model choose on the basis of the skills possessed by the home craftsman.

How to make a cocoon hammock hand ?

To make it you will need:

  • A piece of fabric with a width of 1.2-1 and a length of 2 m. The denser the fabric, the more weight it will hold, besides, dense fabrics are more resistant to wear and tear;
  • scissors, a tape measure;
  • sewing machine and iron;
  • nylon rope;
  • a wooden bar or bar;
  • steel carabiner.

The technology of manufacture is uncomplicated.

The fabric is folded in half lengthwise, measure from the upper right corner of the edge (not on the fold line) 40 cm and from the mark a segment to the lower right corner. Cut off a fragment and unfold: the pattern should have a trapezoid shape. This simple way to form a corner so that the result is a hammock chair, not just a hammock.

The top and bottom edge of the “trapeze” is tucked, ironed out, tucked again and sewn with a sewing machine.

The sides are tucked precisely at an angle of 90 degrees, twice, so that there is a cavity for pulling through the rope. Stitching the seam on the machine.

Drill two holes in a wooden bar of the required size on each side at a distance of 2 cm from the edge and from each other. The bar can be painted or simply varnished.

Burn the ends of the rope to prevent unraveling, tie a knot on one side, then pass the rope through the hole in the bar to the knot. The rope is pulled through the side edge of the hammock from the wide side, and then passed through a second hole on the same side of the bar. The size of the resulting rope loop determines the height of the hammock placement and the size of the chair, so make sure the parameters are satisfactory before securing the knot next to the bar.

The rope is passed through a second hole on the other side of the bar. This loop is suspended by the carabiner from the ceiling hook, so its length should be long enough to keep the hammock in the air normally.

The cord is then passed through the second edge of the product on the narrow upper side, and pulled through the first hole on the other side of the bar.
Adjust the position of the rope until the shape and height of the product suit the future user. Then the rope is tied with a knot and the excess is cut off.
A hook is attached to the ceiling or ceiling beam, and the finished hammock is suspended from it.


To make a wicker hanging chair with your own hands use any of the materials that have enough flexibility – willow, grapevine, buckthorn, bird cherry, rattan, bast. But, as in the middle latitudes it is easiest to find thickets of willow or buckthorn, willow twigs and are the most popular raw materials.

For a hanging chair you will need:

  • about 400 pieces of young willow twigs with a diameter of 10-20 mm;
  • It is easier to use a ready-made metal or metal-plastic hoop as a frame. If necessary, you can make it yourself from a hollow tube of the required diameter;
  • knife, ruler, awl and round pliers will be needed when weaving;
  • twine and glue are needed for tying the frame;
  • synthetic cord with a diameter of 4 mm, close in color to the vine – for the back of the product. With enough skill it is possible to weave it from the vine;
  • String (ropes) for hanging – the length depends on the height of the ceiling.

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