What kind of wood is better to buy a bed? Such a question many people are asking and trying to find the right answer. And many are also worried about their children, so the question of what wood is the best bed for a child can also often be heard in furniture stores.

Wooden beds have always been the standard of quality and reliability, an important element of a healthy full rest. Thanks to its environmental properties, natural materials and minimally used chemicals for treatment, the rest is really harmonious, and this is not the whole list of advantages over metal beds and beds with other types of materials.

A bed made of wood is distinguished by its durability, comfort, it can serve its owners for a very long time and thus significantly save the family budget when buying, as well as affect the quality of sleep.
In this article we will try to find out what kind of wood beds are made of, what is the difference between all these types, and we will try to choose the most comfortable bed for everyone.

Soft woods.
The first category includes coniferous trees, as well as aspen, linden, alder. The second group includes oak, birch, ash and other types of trees. Next, we will look at the characteristics of each type of tree and determine the pros and cons.
In our country conifers are trees, which, unfortunately, are not much left, they are still actively used in the manufacture of furniture, including beds. But they are considered soft varieties of trees, which can easily crack under heavy loads on them.

But there is still demand for products made of such trees, because although the strength is not much, but the price is more than affordable for every average resident of our country. Therefore, products made of conifers are very valuable to our customers.

Also, these types of wood contains resin, which has antiseptic action – which means that the smell of wood in your room is ensured, to the same extent wood insects will not be trapped in furniture

Alder wood is soft, has a fairly uniform structure that makes it easy to work, and has a beautiful reddish color. Thanks to its physical properties, alder is one of the favorite types of wood for making beds.

In addition, psychologists have their say on the matter, they say that alder has such noble traits as cohesion and kinship, so it is especially favorable to buy furniture from this wood for newlyweds and couples with a child.

When installing and connecting parts in such a bed, you need to be as careful and cautious as possible, as from nailing can go splintering, so it is better to connect everything with screws and bolts. Another positive detail – alder is resistant to water, so you do not have to worry about spilling water on it or accidentally getting it wet.

One of the main advantages of aspen wood is that it lasts a long time in water, but it doesn’t warp or crack when it dries. In addition, aspen also has properties such as softness and lightness, it hardly cracks. Therefore, beds made of aspen are also common among stores and the price for such products is not too high, so many people can easily buy a bed from aspen and enjoy the comfort, because it is also the right choice.

This type of wood is quite vulnerable to all external factors, so linden is used mainly for making interior parts. If the air in the house is dry for a long time – this can lead to cracking of the bed, from water, moisture fungus appears, and if the bed stands in the sun for a long time – it can simply change color.

Such a not very favorable structure of wood leads to the insignificant popularity of products made of this type of wood.

Of the pluses, you can note the resistance to mechanical damage, and a warm and pleasing to the eye shade is able to win the hearts of many people.

If you buy products made of pine – you can be sure that the pleasant smell of the forest will forever appear in your home. In addition, the wood has medicinal properties, pine scents have a pleasant effect on the human nervous system, can give peace of mind and comfort to all who rest on such a bed.

Pine wood bed is resistant to both biological effects (fungi, microbes) and mechanical damage.

Beds made of ash fall into the category of “expensive, but worth it”, and the advantages of this wood species make products made of it out of competition with others.

In terms of long-term use and vulnerability to external factors, ash is far ahead of all other types of wood: it does not crack with time, humidity does not play any role in the room, and mechanical damage is also extremely rare.

People who have allergic reactions should think about when buying and choosing the material for the bed. And the strength of such a bed is confirmed by many parents who have bought such a bed for their kids – they are still in excellent condition.

Bed Florence

About this type of wood there is no need to talk for a long time, everyone already knows the reliability and durability of oak. Oak wood is distinguished by its durability, strength, density, hardness and heaviness. Today it is one of the few species that have these properties and is relatively affordable.

In our country, products made of Gevea are not yet so well known, but they are rapidly gaining popularity. It is a tropical tree, which is used in recent years for the manufacture of beds, and other furniture.

Due to the fact that this type of wood grows in tropical conditions, the color palette of this species of wood is incredible. Hevea beds are known for their strength and durability.

In operation, these trees are not very fastidious – do not respond to humidity, do not succumb to the influence of the temperature, resistant to frost, unheated rooms will not be an obstacle to the use of beds from this type of wood.

Bed Sicilia

Products made of beech cannot help but please with its aesthetics, and putting a bed in the bedroom the owners will have an atmosphere of comfort and tranquility. Also, with proper treatment beds of beech resistant mechanical effects, not cracked, not splintered. They are quite affordable and cost a little less than oak.

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