Crib houses: top 11 models for children

Who among us hasn’t seen the excitement of children climbing into the wooden playhouses on the playgrounds? They race to get under the roof to exclaim: “Stop the game, I’m in the house! Such a toy causes the child an incomparable feeling of safety and comfort. It’s not hard to imagine how happy children will be if such houses decorate their rooms.

Children’s beds in the form of a house like a playground fill the bedrooms of kids with joyful associations of cozy privacy in their personal space. This is an important aspect of the emotional background.

In times of crisis, stress and a flurry of information, children are in dire need to feel secure and comfortable, which is why cute playhouse-shaped beds are so popular.

What are the advantages of wooden beds-houses for children?
When decorating a child’s room, the first thing parents think about is the bed. Many factors influence the baby’s sleeping habits and his waking hours, but the most important is the comfort of the bed.

What could be cozier than a good personal wooden home? Therefore, such a crib would be an ideal choice that children will love.

Adults will not only appreciate the functionality and practicality of such furniture, but also see how easy and simple it was to convince children to go to sleep. Children’s beds-houses create an atmosphere of coziness and fairy tale.

Such models are leading in the ratings of design solutions for baby rooms, as wooden cribs in the form of a house have many advantages:

Design originality. The dream of every child to have its own cozy corner embodied in the furniture. Such children’s beds – houses, where you can not only play, but also sleep.
Multifunctionality. In addition to the primary function of the bed, cribs with a house are created for storage, play and communication.
Eco-friendliness. Made of natural wood, treated without the use of toxic materials, and this is one of the most important criteria when choosing furniture for a child.
Ergonomics. Children’s bed-sized houses, whose dimensions are specified when ordering, are suitable for toddlers and older children.
Comfort. Such furniture will fit perfectly into the interior, becoming a comfortable place to sleep and a comfortable corner for leisure.
Exclusive. Each house-bed is a children’s room in miniature, with the best designers working on the unique details.
Among our best offerings are cabin cribs for boys and girls, single and bunk beds. Without exception, all the beds are safe and reliable, made of natural materials.

By right, these children’s beds-houses reviews, which reflect the sincere approval of both children and adults. Such bedroom furniture is designed to last a long time, becoming a pride of a child’s room and a cozy nest for its young owners.

We suggest taking a closer look at baby cribs-houses, photos of which confirm how well different models fit into the interior.

Solid wood bunk bed for children “The Town”.

These children’s bed-houses made of solid oak, ash, alder and aspen are sturdy and comfortable furniture for two children. The upper tier, protected on both sides, serves as a sleeping place. The lower has a free unfenced edge, can also serve as a takhta for socializing and relaxation.

Wide and comfortable steps are simultaneously drawers for storage of things. Cute windows on the upper tier – a bright element of decor and a reason for children’s delight.

Bunk bed “Friendship Light”

This children’s bunk house bed is a bunk fortress. Sturdy and cozy house with large windows will be the best sleeping place for two kids.

Wooden solid wood, the limiter of the upper tier in the form of a high fence, roomy drawers – a full set of qualities of reliable, durable and comfortable furniture.

Such children’s beds-houses for two children are suitable for schoolchildren – both boys and girls, will be a place of comfortable sleep and fun play for several years.

Bunk bed “Friendship”

Children’s bed-house made of high-quality solid wood. The bed in the form of a two-storey house with large windows is the embodiment of elegance and comfort.

Model consists of two seats and seven spacious drawers. A comfortable staircase with a railing and a high fence will reliably protect against falls. These are the same children’s bed-houses made of wood, to sleep in which it is comfortable and safe.

Bunk bed “Aladdin”.

Children’s bunk house beds are a good choice for schoolchildren and teenagers. The spacious model is equipped with roomy drawers for storing children’s belongings, reliable stoppers and handrails. Children will love this two-story house for its original design and convenience.

The bed is made in another version – with an upper sleeping place on the “loft” and a sofa-bed for resting at the bottom. If desired, instead of a takhta you can equip a place for learning or playing.

Bunk bed “Family”.

Bed for two children made of solid ash, oak, alder and pine in a laconic and original design. This house will please both boys and girls, because the roof with a chimney looks like it came out of a child’s drawing.

Spacious sleeping places and large drawers personify comfort and practicality.

Dream Bed

A magic solid wood house will decorate a kid’s room of a boy or a girl. The bed wall in the form of a colorful front, shelves framed by cute windows – such a sleeping place a child is sure to love.

A perfect nook to dream about! The model is also equipped with drawers and a high fence-like fence.

Children’s bed “Coziness”.

A gentle little girl’s cottage is made of oak, ash, pine and alder wood in a touching design. The elegant bed model is suitable for toddlers and preschoolers, becoming a comfortable sleeping place and play area.

Julia Cabin Bed

For your stylish little lady: a beautiful model, which combines originality and laconic design, safety and space. Suitable for such children’s bed-houses from 3 years old.

A limiting edge will prevent the child from rolling onto the floor, while leaving the possibility to comfortably get out of the crib thanks to the free edge of the bed.

Sofia Children’s Bed House

This wooden house-bed for children is a nest for safe and comfortable sleep. A high fence will protect your child from falls, and a spacious bed will ensure a healthy sleep. The roof of the bed can serve as a frame for a baldachin or mosquito net.

Wooden bed “Small House”

Colorful solid wood model will provide a comfortable sleep for both a baby of 3 years old and a teenager. The bed will add originality to the interior of a child’s room. It is this kind of furniture epitomizes style and practicality.

If the room will have such a house-bed, it will become a favorite place even for a child who has already grown up.

Children’s wooden bed-house “Little House”

The model of bed with a frame in the form of a roof with a chimney is made in a single-tier version. Such a bed will suit a boy or a girl, it will be a comfortable sleeping and playing space.

Sometimes a child really wants to be alone – just such a house will give you the opportunity of safe and comfortable leisure time alone.

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